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    1. About us

      Contact us

        The contact:Mr.Lin

        Q   Q:1403365391

        Mobile phone:13829250281




      About us

      Dongguan City Kagura Polymer Technology Co Ltd.,Is a professional engaged in printing paper surface treatment of chemical products、Production、Sales of high-tech enterprises.More than ten years to come,Through continuous technological innovation,To improve the quality and performance of products for kagura, the market share continues to expand.The current company has a color of peritoneal glue、Water peritoneal adhesive、Oil peritoneal adhesive、Varnish、Matte oil、Adhesive bonding、Hot melt adhesive、

      Water viscose、Paper and plastic, etc.Company covers an area of 30 acres,Construction area of more than 10000 square meters.Company through IS09001:2008 quality management system certification,Products through the SGS national printing material quality supervision and inspection center detection.

      The utility model patent, colored adhesive:ZL201220287098.X

      Environmental protection formula invention patent number:ZL2013100995975

      Water, green, health,Environmental protection is the era of the big direction,The water - sex glue is in the trend of the society,Lead the industry development, the prospect is broad.Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit,Guidance and business negotiation.

      Every part of it comes from our unremitting efforts and pursuit!

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      Telephone:0769-81629351 / Address:Dongguan City Dalingshan Town Tai Gong Ling gold Lanling Street No. 29
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