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      Hongkong foreign exchange funds in the first quarter loss of 524 billion dollar question Ren Zhigang paid

      Release time:2015-11-30 丨Reading times:883

      The global capital market is extremely volatile, the Hongkong foreign exchange fund has not been spared.
      April 28th, Ren Zhigang, President of the Hongkong monetary authority, said the first quarter of this year, Hongkong foreign exchange fund investment loss of HK $146, which is the first time since 2005, foreign exchange fund investment losses. He also said that the first quarter of this year, the loss of investment or back in April.
      In the first quarter of 2007, foreign exchange fund investment income up to HK $207.
      28, Mr Yam in the report to the Legislative Council said in the first quarter of this year, the exchange fund in Hong Kong stock market investment losses reached HK $300 billion, other equity investment losses as high as HK $224 million. The investment losses from foreign exchange and bond investment returns come to naught. Among them, HK $122 billion foreign exchange income, bond investment return of HK $256 billion.
      Ren Zhigang revealed that last year, the Hongkong government to buy the assets of the exchange fund assets of the stock exchange, the current valuation of the book is a profit of HK $55.
      As of the end of 3, the accumulated surplus of HK $5836 in foreign exchange funds, the Hongkong government deposited in the foreign exchange funds for fiscal reserves of HK $5032.

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