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      Ministry of Commerce: China must stabilize the export of labor-intensive industries

      Release time:2015-11-30 丨Reading times:985

      The Ministry of commerce is working with other departments to develop the relevant plan, to prevent sudden sharp decline in exports, especially agricultural products (Market Forum), light industry, textile and other labor-intensive industries.
      This is in April 27th, a Ministry of Commerce Foreign Trade Department official in China Import and export enterprises and foreign trade enterprises in the closed door exchange meeting, from the Ministry of Commerce recently went to research in the situation, this year, the export situation is not optimistic.
      A participate in the day closed door meeting on behalf of enterprises relayed to the reporter, the official said on that day, from the Ministry of Commerce lasted several months, involving a number of industries and provinces of the research situation, three conclusions can be drawn: increase the risk of this at home and abroad; and unfavorable factors of the superposition effect has begun to show, enterprise pressure increases.
      Prior to 26, Vice Minister of Commerce Fu Ziying at the annual meeting also said that China must stabilize the export of labor-intensive industries, in particular, to maintain steady growth in the textile and garment trade, to set aside the time of product upgrades, industrial restructuring. The country should give the necessary credit support to the export enterprise which has the market, the order and the benefit.

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