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      Coal to oil billion yuan, the great leap forward coal enterprises get together and put into the coal chemical industry

      Release time:2015-11-30 丨Reading times:900

      Jointly sponsored by the China Coal Industry Association and the British coal conference co sponsored the 2008 China International Coal conference held in Beijing in April 14th. The South African Sasol oil group, a Chinese company executive vice president Chen Liming "of China's coal to oil project development" speech become the focus of the topic.
      In the large number of participants, Ling Wen, President of number of Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Luan group chairman Ren Hou Chen Liming of speech is the most interested in...... God China 4 years, invested billions of coal to oil projects coming in September of this year put into operation; similarly, Lu'an investment billions of coal to oil projects will also be in August of this year put into production.
      In fact, in the international crude oil prices soaring situation, China's more coal prices are involved in the boom of coal oil. Behind the pursuit of profit in the enterprise, it is worth discussing: with a scarce resources to replace another scarce resource, is the absolute trend of new energy development?

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